OCEANS ROCK: A "Billion Years" of Geologic Time in less than 1-hr.

Unlike any other ocean marine life school assembly you’ve ever seen. Your Oceans Rock School Assembly will feature an amazing interactive multi-media presentation along with genuine specimens of prehistoric and modern sea life creatures like you’ve never seen them before. (Pre-K to 7th Grades)


    Amazing Museum Quality Specimens Right In Your Own School!
    Age Appropriate from 
    Pre-K – 7th Grade.

    Common Core Science

    Engaging, Fun, Interactive Shows

    Your Oceans Rock School Assembly is the only School Assembly that covers over a
    “Billion Years” of Geologic Time in less than 1-hr.


    A shark might be swimming throughout your classroom for the younger grades.

    Common Core Science

    Grades 4 and up get exposed to “higher concepts” to better understand the world we live in.

    Educating with dynamic hands-on learning for over 14-years.
    Seen by over 2 Million.

     More Genuine Specimens at your Oceans Rock School assembly than seen in most Museums.

    Common Core Science

    Learn how the horseshoe crab plays a vital role in the Pharmaceutical Industry and how it can save your life.

    Learn fascinating facts on…

    • History of the Earth

    • How Oceans Formed

    • Plate Tectonics & Large Scale System Interactions – What will our world look like in another 60-Million Years?

    • Billion year old plant fossils & the Oxygen we breathe today

    • Ocean Habitats & Ecosystems & Migrations

    • Coral Reefs & Estuaries 

    • Tides & Waves & Tsunami’s

    • How marine life fossils formed

    • See & touch amazing sea-life fossils

    • Cambrian Period – explosion of marine life in our oceans

    • Modern day whales, sailfish, eels, crabs plus lots more.

    • Turtles: giants of the past vs modern day species

    • Touch a real shark without getting bitten!

    • Pet a Sting Ray in your classroom without getting stung!

    • Experience “Museum Quality” trilobites, mosasaurs, ammonites, plesiosaurs, icthyosaurs, megalodon sharks, and even a fossil whale – its like having a real museum in your school!

    • The role of water in Earths Surface Processes – How did your beach get its sand?

    • How oceans affect the weather and world climate.

    Plus Lot’s More!

    Common Core Science

    Genuine Fossil Dig where you can find real genuine fossils, seashells, and cool minerals to keep and take home.

     Students Find Great Specimens To Keep & Take Home

     Each student or camper takes home several specimens of their choice:
    Fossil shells, fossil clams, fossil Shark teeth. fossil sea squids, plus a huge variety of brand new modern day sea shells.

    Back in your classroom your students can identify/classify and record fossils and shells found and using our online Geologic Time Chart & Fossil Identifier to determine what they found and what time period they came from.


    Age Appropriate from Pre-K – 7th Grade.

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    Common Core Science

    Plate Tectonics – Clearly demonstrated and explained in a fun easy manner.

    Common Core Science

    Call Us at (845) 368-3466

    Age Appropriate from Pre-K – 7th Grade.

    Our School Assembly Programs – DINOSAURS ROCK, OCEANS ROCK & GEMS ROCK all conform to the new Common Core & Next Generation Science Standards for “Earth Science”,

    “Life Science”, “Oceans” & “Natural Resources & Ecology”.
    ELA Standards (Speaking 4.1; Writing 4.9 & 4.10)  Lyell’s Study of patterns of Rocks & Fossils; Progression from Continental Drift to Plate Tectonics and more!

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